Ex-RAF 4 Sqd Harrier Jump Jet Aircraft XW269 for sale on Ebay

 Ex RAF 4 Sqd Harrier Jump Jet Aircraft XW269 for sale on Ebay

"... Ultimate business promotional tool, garden feature, gate guardian or museum aircraft. Park this outside your business premises and get your business on the map!

This is a unique opportunity to own a decomissioned first generation, two seat Harrier aircraft. This aircraft represents one of the most difficult to obtain variants of the classic British Harrier Aircraft. This is currently the only two seat example for sale anywhere in the World.

In the early 1970's each front line Harrier Squadron was issued with one T2 Variant Harrier for pilot training and evaluation purposes. Although designated 'T' for trainer the aircraft were fully combat capable and could be flown by a single pilot from the front cockpit on combat ground attack and Reconnaissance missions with the aircraft carrying the same full war load as carried on a Harrier GR1 or GR3. This very aircraft was the T2 to be allocated to 4 Squadron in RAF Germany and flew many hours on NATO Cold war training exercises.

RAF twin seat  first generation Harriers are very rare with this being one of only six externally complete airframes to survive, the majority of which are in Museums. It is the only two seat RAF Harrier aircraft finished with an early T2 Specification nose with early 3 tone camouflage paint finish making this aircraft totally unique.

The aircraft has undergone a 12 month restoration to externally complete static display standard. Fully repainted and completed to T2 specification as it entered service with 4 Squadron RAF in 1971. This aircraft served a long and interesting flying career having flown with: 4 Sqn, 1 Sqn, 3 Sqn, and the Strike Attack Operational Evaluation Unit (SAOEU) being used for weapons trials and testing under tactical conditions. The aircraft was upgraded to T4 standard and was finally used for ‘Night Bird’ AV8 / GR5 Harrier trials with forward looking Infra Red being tried and tested on this very aircraft. This aircraft was last flown in 1997 after 26 years of service...".

"....The aircraft has been restored to static display / museum standards. This has included a full repaint in early Harrier 3 tone camouflage finish with 4 Squadron Markings. The front cockpit is around 80% complete including a Martin Baker Mk 9 ejection seat. The rear cockpit is fairly empty but has both instrument panel with some instruments and the shell of an ejection seat. The front cockpit on this aircraft is unique as the aircraft was used for ‘Night Bird Trials’ with many Harrier GR5 (and other Mk Harrier) Avionics being trial fitted to this aircraft. For example this aircraft cockpit is correctly kitted out with a Harrier GR5 moving map display as it was when last in service.
A full set of external stores wing Pylons are fitted (inner / outer wing) which hold 100 Gallon Drop tanks and SNEB rocket pods. There is also a set of Aden cannon pods fitted to the belly. A real set of Engine nozzles are included which give the external impression of there being an engine. No engine is fitted but we can source a suitable Pegasus engine as an additional extra if required.

We can arrange delivery and assembly at buyer’s expense...."

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