"Forgotten photographs" from the aviation-ancienne.fr forum - Nord Noriot, Breguet 960 Vultur, SNCAC 702 'Martinet'

 The Nord Noroit was an amphibian flying boat designed for the French Aeronavale in the immediate post-war period. Like many French ventures of the time two of the first four aircraft constructed were powered by German powerplants, in this instance the Jumo 213. The Noroit featured a 'flattened' gull-wing with a two-step hull with a cantilever horizontal tail surface with three vertical surfaces. The floats were not retractable. It had an enclosed cabin for the seven crew with a forward viewing compartment and a large rear cabin for use in rescue operations.  The prototype first flew on 6 January 1949 powered by two 1600hp (1193kW) Gnome Rhone 14 R radial engines. The second aircraft was fitted with a retractable tailwheel landing gear for amphibious operation which was later retrofitted to the prototype. The next two aircraft first flown in 1949 were designated the Nord 1401 Noroit and were fitted with two 1800hp (1342kW) Junkers Jumo 213 engines and both were also tested with two Bristol Hercules radial engines. These two aircraft were modified to production standard as the Nord 1402 Noroit and were followed by 21 production aircraft. The last aircraft was delivered to the French Navy in 1956.

Above;  Arsenal VG 70 was a swept-wing fighter research type designed shortly after the liberation of France and powered by a German Jumo 004 jet engine, the only jet powerplant available to the French. Because of the relatively low thrust available the airframe dimensions were kept as small as possible. Note the semi-circular intake under the fuselage. More at the 'Flight' archive on this type..

Breguet 960 Vultur, predecessor of the more well-known Alizé

Below;  Sea Venom or Aquilon was a navalised version for carrier operations, followed by two images of an Aeronavale Do 24 flying boat.

Above ;  The SNCAC 702 'Martinet' was a French derivative of the Siebel 204 (below in French service) ; photographed at Telergma in 1956

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